Meet Crystal Wildstar!

A.K.A: Ladie Wildstar

With a love for humanity, art and most importantly love,  I created Crystals Healing Arts for those who seek healing in a unique and magical way.

Crystal is a warm gifted person with a love for helping and healing humanity. Practicing as a RDA (registered Dental Assistant) she developed her love to help heal people not only in the conventional ways but  spiritually and holistically. She believed her life called her to the wonderful world of Crystals! Furthering her studies of Dental Health, Crystals, metaphysics, child development, reflexology, psychology, and social psychology she obtained certifications in Crystal healing and reflexology. She possesses a vast, universal and spiritual understanding of how the mind effects our physicality, using her skills to help humanity understand why they are here and how to cope with life’s obstacles before it can effect us spiritually, mentally and physically. As an medium, empath, clairvoyant and channel shes able to provide intuitive and insightful readings and counseling sessions. With a passion for families and their connection she provides intuitive readings for couples as well as provide reflexology services for mother and baby. Also as an activist for change and equality along with the many protests she’s actively participated in, she expresses her passion for change with the world in a spiritual point of view through her new radio show “The Yin and the Yang” and imparts her spiritual knowledge in her workshops throughout Orange County. She lives in Orange County with her Husband Nickolas Wildstar who’s currently running for Governor of California in 2018.

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